Pet Food Bank

The Humane Society of Monroe County (HSMC) holds a pet food bank for any Monroe County residents with low-income needing help feeding their pets.

The pet Food Bank is held through the back door of the Thrift Store, which is located inside the Mall of Monroe. The back door entrance is located in the parking lot with the Phoenix theater, to the right of the theater entrance. The door is hidden behind a wall but has the Humane Society's logo on it along with unit number 515. Please ring the doorbell to the upper left-hand side of the door.

The food bank is typically held every other Saturday from 10 am-1 pm. In cases of inclement weather or holidays, HSMC may reschedule the food bank. Follow our Facebook at The Humane Society of Monroe County as this is where we post unexpected changes to food bank dates.


If you or someone you know is in need of help through our Pet Food Bank, all that is needed to sign up is an ID and proof of low income, and a minimal amount of paperwork to be filled out at your first visit. Please also have an idea of your pet's weight as this information is needed to provide the correct amount of food to each participant.

All food bank participants must agree to the following rules upon signing up:

  • Food for the program is donated from various sources, therefore we cannot guarantee the quality, freshness, or safe consumption of the food, nor can we guarantee that food will be available in any capacity; it is distributed first-come, first-served basis.

  • Food is limited, and our goal is to keep pets with their family members and out of shelters, therefore, this program is NOT for individual rescuers, animal shelters, or rescue groups.

  • Food is distributed per household. If individual family members try to get food for the same pets, they will be revoked from the program.

  • We ask for a $1.00 donation per animal or per month to help with costs.

  • Food will be provided for up to two pets. If you have more than two animals, it is your sole responsibility to determine how to allocate the food you receive. For example, if you have a cat and two dogs, you can choose to get food for two dogs one month and one cat the next.

  • The amount of food supplied will be at our discretion based on the represented weight of your animal(s) and the available supply of food.

  • You agree not to add to your number of pets either by taking in more animals or allowing animals in your household to breed while participating in this program. if you do, you will be removed from the program.

  • This program is meant to supplement your food supply and may not fulfill the dietary needs of your pet(s).

  • Residents of Monroe County are eligible for this program and must provide proof of residency.

  • Failure to abide by the HSMC Pet Food Bank terms can result in your participation being revoked,

  • HSMC reserves the right to remove or deny participants from this program at our discretion.

  • Participants of this program are allowed one alternate person to pick up food for them, but you can also only be one person's alternate person to pick up their food. You may NOT pick up food for more than yourself and one other person.

  • HSMC reserves the right to change the terms of this program without prior notice to participants.