Meet The Team

Madonna Burkit

Executive Director

Madonna perceiving God's call, recently achieved her Master's Degree in Humane Studies from Madonna University in June of 2019 and retired from DTE in August of the same year after 19 years. Madonna's professional and technical career with DTE included planning major capital projects for 9 years. Since 2010, Madonna has and still participates with the DTE Monroe Area Task Force serving the community, non-profit organizations and obtaining DTE Foundation grants for various NPO events whole networking with various leaders in Monroe County area. These experiences, connections, and accumulated knowledge has prepared her to step into the role of the Executive Director steering the ship of the Humane Society of Monroe County, MI and pick up the baton towards building a new shelter facility on N. Monroe St. in Frenchtown Township.

Candace Buttrick

Shelter Manager

Candace started working at HSMC as a kennel tech in December of 2017. In May of 2018 she was placed in the position of shelter manager. Before coming to HSMC she got her degree in Captive Wildlife Care and Education, Since graduating she has traveled to several different states where she worked as a zoo keeper, kennel tech, and operations manager at a large animal shelter before settling here in Michigan. What Candace loves most about HSMC is forming relationships with all the animals and watching the timid ones blossom into amazing and loving animals.

Kasey Perkins

Shelter Manager Assistant

Kasey was hired in May of 2019. In the past Kasey volunteered at a wildlife center in Ohio which is where she learned many of her skills she uses at the HSMC Shelter. Kasey enjoys working for HSMC for the fact she can give a voice for those who don't have one.

Jordin Kirkpatrick

Marketing/Event Coordinator

Jordin has been working at HSMC since July of 2017. She hired in as a Thrift Store Associate and has worked her way up to Marketing/Event Coordinator in August of 2019. She has a passion for animals and even got her dog Echo, pictured above, from the shelter!

Kaitlyn Evoe

Kennel Tech

Kaitlyn started at HSMC in March of 2020. She always had experience with animals growing up that have come in hand working at the shelter. Something she really enjoys doing is interacting with the animals and being like a family for them. She has always had a liking for working with animals.

Chris Marlow

Kennel Tech

Chris started at HSMC in January of 2020. He previously worked at an animal rescue center in the Amazon Basin of Peru for 2 1/2 years, primarily working with prrimates. Chris enjoys building relationships with the dogs he works with, especially hard to love dogs.

Robert Yates

Kennel Tech

Robert was hired at HSMC in April of 2012. He was a gulf veteran in Germany for 8 years previously. He enjoys finding the cats and dogs forever homes. It is a great feeling and it is very enjoyable working at the shelter.

Teresa Alcalan

Thrift Store Associate

Teresa is 61 years old and has lived in Newport for 31 years. She got hired at the Humane Society Thrift Store part-time in February of 2020. Before this job, she worked at Meijer for 30 years and retired in 2017. She has a shih tzu/bichon mix so dogs are her favorite, but she loves all animals. Teresa loves helping take care of the dogs and cats we get from the shelter each week. We also help giving lower income families dog/cat food twice a month, which is very rewarding for Teresa. She loves the slower paced atmosphere of working in a smaller store.

Camren Fountain

Thrift Store Associate

Camren is 26 years old and recently proposed to his girlfriend of 5 years. He also decided to go back to college and receive his Associates of Science degree. He has only worked for HSMC since July 2020 at the Thrift Store. He enjoys working with the community.

When it comes to animals, Camren loves both cats and dogs but absolutely adores reptiles! He has a 5 year old bearded dragon named Al, an 8 year old corn snake named Vyle, a 4 year old Red Foot Tortoise named Gus, and a Chillian Rose Hair Tarantula named Patricia (she is 10 years old!). Did you know female tarantulas can live up to 30 years?

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