Frankie Says "Did you know 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of periodontal disease by the age of 3?"

Frankie Says February is National Pet Dental Health Month!

     February is Nation Pet Dental Health Month which makes this the perfect time for Frankie to tell all her friends how important it is to make sure our Furry friends have healthy dental habits!

     Not only is a smelly mouth no fun for anyone receiving wet kisses, it may be a sign there is a more serious health risk going on with your pet, potentially damaging not only you pet's teeth and gums but their internal organs as well! By learning and taking part in taking care of your pet's dental hygiene, you help improve your pet's health and life. 

     The best way to help your pet's dental health is by brushing their teeth as often as you can, preferably daily! You will want to use a moistened pet tooth brush  with soft bristles, if you do not have a pet tooth brush, you can use a children's tooth brush, a finger toothbrush, or gauze around your finger. Pet tooth paste is your best choice for cleaning. Never use human tooth paste, baking soda, or salt, which are harmful if animals when swallowed.

     Giving your pet a sample of the tooth paste before brushing also helps introduce them to the taste. Your pet may not be used to the brushing process at first, but doing it regularly will help get them used to it with time.

     To brush your pets teeth, you will want to lift their lip to expose their teeth, then gently brush their gums and teeth as you would your own. Make sure you are reaching their back teeth as well as these teeth can easily build tartar. Once you are finished brushing, reward them with a treat, playing, or a favorite activities to reinforce this positive activity.

     Along with brushing your pet's teeth as often as possibly,  you still need to make sure you get their teeth professionally cleaned and checked once a year! Taking these steps to help your pet's dental health will help them have a healthier and happier life wagging their tails along the way!

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